Products Offered

● Sombra Muscle Crème
● BioFreeze
● Braces produced/manufactured in Pleasant Hill
● Nutritional Supplements
● Standard Process
● Juvenation
● Juice Plus
● Turmeric
● Magnesium
● Super D
● Astaxanthin D3
● Niacin
● B6
● B12
● Liporic Acid
● Olive Leaf
● Juvenation
● Formula 303
● And a line especially produced for Pleasant Hill Chiropractic
- Vitamin D as Synergy (1000iu/tab) and SuperSunergy (5000iu/tab)
- Inflathera--a variety of herbs shown to reduce inflammation.
- CholestCare--a Niacin supplement shown to help reduce bad cholesterol
- A variety of Chinese Herbs to reduce blood sugar, blood pressure and improve bone and joint health.

Special orders for supplements can always be taken for you.
Tens Units available and affordable $70.00

Nutritional Supplements

Dr. Piva has a line of supplements exclusively manufactured for Pleasant Hill Chiropractic
to aid in the improvement of his patient's health and in the reduction of their pain.

These products are the result of his research and experience in dealing with acute and chronic pain.

At Pleasant Hill Chiropractic we will continue to bring new and innovative natural therapies to provide you and your family the best in
alternative care at affordable prices.